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When it's vital to be heard.

MobileSOS is a world-first location based instant communication system that gets through! For those vital times when you need to say “I’m OK” or ask for help, a combination of messages to the people that matter will ensure that your message is heard.


MobileSOS is a simple add-on to your mobile service. With just one button your message and location is sent out by voice, text and email messages to your selected contacts. The services are available from as little as £2.00 per month. A small price to pay for real peace of mind!

Setting it up is easy

Because we all contact different people in an emergency or, if one simply wants to communicate to friends and family that everything is fine, MobileSOS has made it easy to set up your Support Network and Panic Alarm Message. You simply enter the MobileSOS numbers into your phone and you are covered.

So, if you need to you use it, simply activate a speed-dial call and your friends, family or colleagues will know of your plight and take action to help!

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